Why MarketPass?


Our MarketPass agents understand your needs and possess the cutting- edge tools to find your dream home. All of our professionals are patient in answering your questions and addressing concerns about the property. We understand the competitive real estate landscape and know what sellers are looking for on the other side of the transaction, and thus are equipped to prepare the best offer for you. Our agents also have the savvy and experience to foster strong partnerships with the listing agent, and to gain their trust and cooperation throughout the whole transaction process.


MarketPass agents are wholly responsive in providing you with insight about a property’s sales history, its relevant specifics, and information about the community, including schools, parks, activities, retail, crime, public transportation and the like. You will also be informed about any potential competition during the offer process and provided regular updates regarding the progress of the sale transaction.


Our use of electronic signature tools allows you to complete the often- exhaustive process of numerous required documents in buying a home thoroughly and expeditiously. MarketPass will handle all requests from the listing agent, escrow agent and loan agent promptly, so that there is no delay within the transaction cycle.


When you buy with MarketPass, we share a percentage of our commission with you for paying part of your non-recurring closing costs (This buyer credit is subject to your lender’s approval). The percentage is determined by our broker at the time of writing your offer. The more expensive the property, the higher the buyer credit.

For example:

Purchase price of your home is $600,000.

Buyer’s agent commission is 2.5%.

If the buyer credit is 20% of that 2.5% commission, you will receive a buyer credit of $3,000 ($600,000 x 2.5% x 20%).

If your lender approves this credit, you can only use this credit to pay part of the non-recurring closing costs at close of escrow.